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Can you afford Retirement?

Can you afford Retirement?

| November 16, 2017

People of all ages are not putting enough money towards their retirement and with the rising costs of living, we get how hard it is to save these days.

We see the struggle every day from small things like buying the kids new cleats for soccer to getting your car repaired or receiving an unexpected tax bill(been there). It sometimes feels like we can’t catch a break.

 A study done by GoBankingRates revealed that more than half of Americans either do not have anything saved for retirement or have less than $10,000 in savings. This is partly due to the increase in expenses. The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis reported on August 31, 2017 that personal consumption expenditures have increased by 3% while the personal savings rate fell by 3% from June.

Income that was previously used for savings is now eaten by repayment of credit cards, auto loans, student loans, mortgage payments…the list is already exhausting. In fact, American household debt has risen so much over the years that it is now more than the size of China’s economy and three times that of Germany’s.

How much should you be saving?

It’s actually anywhere from 12-15% of your gross pay, but the amount you save is dependent on your lifestyle and choices. What might work for one person won’t always work for another.

Can you afford retirement? Let us help you get there.

Gwyther & Holt Investment Advisors believe that retirement is a thoughtful process to look ahead to. We help our clients identify their dreams, goals, and objectives and determine how to achieve them with the resources available.

Call our office at 505.798.6947 for a no-cost consultation to see how a financial plan will benefit you.

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